Alliance - System Development

System Development

" We have the best buyers on the planet. "

We have the best buyers on the planet is the truth. Our strategic marketing alliances with top tier hotels, vacation clubs, and timeshare resorts help us to maintain our edge. We don´t just meet your qualifications, but we surpass them using state of the art technology to enhance lead generation and prospecting, we match our couples to your resort. We provide client profiles in advance which helps you to match your sales reps to your prospects and to even prepare a strategy in advance. Contact us today for more information!

Our Leads:

  • Are matched to the demographic and psychographic of your resort.
  • Are perfectly qualified for your tour.
  • Have extremely high VPGs
  • Come with Client Profiles already filled out

Client Profiles tell you the client´s basic story and include helpful information, such as:

  • The client´s last three vacations.
  • If they own a timeshare or not.
    • Why they do or do not own a timeshare
  • Information about the city they live in, like:
    • What the weather is like
    • Who their pro sports teams are
    • What the political atmosphere is in their city
    • What the demographics are in that city, including median income and college education.
  • Their occupations, including personality traits common to those occupations.
  • Dominant Buying Motives
  • Possible Objections to the Sale
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