iTeam - Sales & Marketing Plataform


"Alliance iTeam is a dynamic cloud system that has been specifically designed for the sales and marketing businesses of the timeshare industry"

The Alliance iTeam Platform is the only complete system on the market today that supports an entire sales and marketing operation. The cross-platform system includes sales and marketing presentations, a training system, advanced statistical capabilities, and a CRM all-in-one purpose built system. Since it is a completely mobile solution, your entire team is in constant connection, and always working from the same page.

The fully customizable platform includes intuitive sales and marketing strategies that detect and help guide a sales person along the most likely path to the sale. The training system not only uncovers areas of weakness within your team, but also recommends training modules to help your team improve daily. The entire system runs a framework of advanced statistics, which means that your organization never loses focus of producing positive numbers.

Interactive Pitch Books
Interactive and fully customizable pitch books are one of the many versatile tools provided through the Alliance iTeam cloud. Pitch books that are fully compatible with any web enabled device allow you to individualize the sales experience of the consumer.
Training Platform
Combining the use of advanced GPS technology with psycho-graphic analysis, Alliance iTeam is able to create a unique step-by-step approach to training and maximizing the success of a sales tour.
User Friendly
Alliance iTeams user friendly nature and interactive training platform will increase the efficiency of your businesses while transporting sales operations into the cloud computing era and ahead of the competition.
Customer Relationship Management
CRM Apps track your entire businesses operation, customer updates, potential leads, contacts, real time analytics, workflow forecasts, leads and business expansion opportunities. Eliminating expensive software investments, and keeping your business mobile in an environment that demands no less.