Alliance Sales and Marketing Solutions - our company is multi-departmental, and comprised of passionate, diligent and innovative individuals who work hard every day to not only meet but surpass the expectations and needs of clients.

We collaborate closely with our clients in order to support and assist them in maximizing success and achieving both their long term and short term sales and marketing goals.

Alliances that work mision

To become the top timeshare resource company in the industry.

Alliances that work vision

To reinvent the industry along the way.

Alliances that work vision

To be every developer's (pb, closer & vlo's) most trusted partner, friend and ally.

Alliances that work Values

1. Triumph through service 2. Embrace and drive change 3. Pursue growth, learning and inovation 4. Have fun 5. Be efficient 6. Create a spirit of encouragement, teamwork and family 7. Be adventurous creative and open-minded 8. Passionatelly pursue our goals professionally and personally 9. Be a champion for our industry 10. Build alliances with top industry decision makers, like minded companies and future timeshare leaders